Lough Carra Trout Anglers

Lough Carra's Trout Anglers' Association Committee November 1982 Photographer Unknown

Lough Carra’s Trout Anglers’ Association Committee November 1982
Photographer Unknown

This section is dedicated to the Lough Carra Trout Anglers’ Association. The photo above was taken in November 1982. The Association was formed in 1956 and held the first competition in that year. The first competition held was for pike not trout but the trout competitions soon followed. In addition to holding fishing competitions the members have supported work to improve the trout spawning streams.

Trout Anglers’ Association holds three fly-fishing competitions each year: an eight hour “mayfly” competition in early May, a five hour “evening” competition in July and an eight hour “September” competition. In October one pike competition is held in conjunction with Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI). As well as a fun day of pike fishing this is also an exercise to reduce the pike population in the lake so any pike caught are kept alive and relocated to another lake by the IFI.

If you would like to become a member of Lough Carra Trout Anglers’ Association you can email us through the website Contact Us page and we will provide you with the contact details of the current Secretary.

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